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The activist of the independent trade union was cruelly beaten in Kyiv Featured

On 6 April the doctor, member of the trade union committee of the Free Trade Union of Medical Workers of Ukraine at the municipal non-profit enterprise "Consultative-Diagnostic Center" of Desnianskyi district of Kyiv was cruelly beaten by unknown persons.  It’s the second physical attack on Mr Liska.


At 11.50 am Mr Liska was going to his workplace, when two young unknown persons stopped him.

"One of them wanted to make a blow to my the temple,   I made an attempt to avoid it, but he hit my cheek and split it. While these two men were beating me one of them said: “If you don’t stop talking, we’ll kill you’

 Mr Liska had been being beaten till the passersby stopped to defend him.  Then two attackers ran away.

After that Mr Liska called the ambulance and the police. The ambulance arrived in five minutes, but he had been waiting for the police officers coming for more than an hour.

 At the hospital, Mr Liska was diagnosed with the fracture of the nose, closed craniocerebral trauma, concussion of the brain and  soft-tissue trauma.

According to trade unionist, this attack occurred the next day after he gave the chairman of the Desnianskyi district administration Gennadiy Zabolotnyi the documents on the non-enforcement of court decisions by officials of the Desnianskyi District State Administration and the management of the "Consultative-Diagnostic Center" of Desnianskyi district of Kyiv.

The  Free Trade Union of Medical Workers of Ukraine   will follow the investigation of this crime closely.

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