Miners protesting underground for four days in the Donetsk region

The miners of mines 1/3 Novogrodivska and Kurakhivska of State-Owned coal-mining Enterprise ‘Selydivvugillia’ are still protesting underground against the non-payment of wages. Today is the fourth day of their protest.

 The nurse is checking the pressure of miner who protested underground in the mine 1/3 Novogrodivska. 

Photo credit: Sadak Souici / Agence Le Pictorium 


192 miners of the SOE ‘Selydivvugillia’ protesting undergound

Today, 150 miners of the mine "Kurakhivska" of the State-Owned Coal-Mining Enterprise ‘Selydivvugillia’ (Donetsk region) started an underground protest. At the same time 42  their colleagues are protesting in the mine "1\3 Novogrodivska" since 18 February. The main demand of this state-owned coal-mining enterprise workers is to pay off wage arrears which in general amounts up to 250 mln UAH.



Miners holding underground protest for 10 days

The miners of the mine named after G. Kapustin of the PJSC "Lisichanskvugillia" have been holding the underground protest since 19th of October. They are staying at the depth of 600 m. The Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine (NPGU) supports protesters and supplies the water, food, and medicines for them.



Miners blocking the road in Donetsk region

Miners of the mine ‘Kotlyarevskaya’ of the state-owned enterprise "Selidovugillia" (Donetsk region), have been blocking traffic on the Dnipro-Donetsk highway in the  Pisky and Krasnogorivka direction since 3 October. According to the Chairperson of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine Mykhailo Volynets, miners have to hold such type of protest, because their previous three-day protest against unpaid wages didn’t bring any result.  



Miners' protests brought the first results

Miners of state-owned enterprises have been protesting in Kyiv since 5 July. First of all, they demand to overcome the problem of non-payment of wages, to adopt the effective program for the development of coal mining for 10 years and to adopt a draft law #8362. The miners also demand to return to the state property the coal seams of the mine "Kotlyarevska" and "Mine 1/3 Novogrodivska" of the SOE "Selidivvugillya". Last night miners spent near the building of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine. Today morning they continued their protest.


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