Miners protest over unpaid wages in Lviv region Featured

On June 10, in the morning miners of the State Owned Enterprise Lvivvugillia blocked the road near the villages of Volya-Vysotsk and Smerekov in Lviv region, which are near the Rava-Ruska checkpoint (Polish Ukrainian border). Later they continued their protest near the central office of the SOE Lvivvugillia in Chervonograd. The main miners' demand is paying off all wage arrears.


On 7 June the President Volodymyr Zelenskiy visit to the mine "Lisova" SOE Lvivvugillia after two miners had been killed in the accident. Workers and trade unionists told him about wage arrears and the problems at the state enterprise. But as protesters said today, the situation with their mine hadn’t been changed since that time.
"The President promised to resolve the problems of wage arrears, but they still exist," - the participants of the action noted.
On 7 June the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Igor Nasalyk assured that funds for payment of wage arrears to miners would be transferred "if not today, then on Monday, June 10". As for today, the wage arrears at the SOE Lvivvugillia owed amounts to more than UAH 280 million.

The Chairperson of the Primary Trade Union Organization of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine (NPGU) at the Mezhyrichanska mine of the SOE Lvivvugillia Vasyl Lesniak told that today blocking of the road got only the attention of media and citizens. 

As for 8:30 pm (Kyiv Time), in the Chervonohrad City Council the meeting on the critical situation in the coal industry is going on. The miners, trade unions’ representatives, directors of mines, and the management of the SOE Lvivvugillia also are attending it.


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