Miners of the PJSC "Krivyi Rih iron ore plant" protesting underground Featured

On March 5 miners of the PJSC "Krivyi Rih iron ore plant" (KZRK) started a spontaneous underground protest. As for today morning, workers of two mines are still protesting. 


 According to the Chairperson of the Confederation of Free Trade Union of Ukraine (KVPU) and the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine (NPGU) Mykhailo Volynets, protesting miners demand wages increase, launching an effective social dialogue with the independent trade unions and ensuring occupational health and safety norms. The Chairperson of the local organisation of the NPGU in Kkryvyi Rih Yuri Samoilov who were staying underground with miners of the Mine "Zoria" ("Zhovtneva")  all night said that miners consider the wage of UAH 8000-9000 (EUR 260-296) as too low. Also, the miners stand against the pressure on the independent trade unions. Some miners claimed that they were forced to leave the independent trade unions and write the application for joining another trade union organization the KZRK.
‘In the Iron Ore Mine "Zoria" ("Zhovtneva") 35 miners are protesting at the depth of 1115 meters, and in the Iron Ore Mine "Ternivskaya" 77 miners of also are sating underground at a depth of 1,350 meters. The Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine keeps in touch with local trade union leaders and communicates with representatives of the management of the KZRK'.
The Chairperson of the organization of the NPGU at the KZRK Anatolii Dolgopolov  who also was underground with miners claims that the miners and members of the independent trade unions demand the compliance with the labour legislation and full performance of the collective bargaining agreement.

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