Miners protesting underground for four days in the Donetsk region Featured

The miners of mines 1/3 Novogrodivska and Kurakhivska of State-Owned coal-mining Enterprise ‘Selydivvugillia’ are still protesting underground against the non-payment of wages. Today is the fourth day of their protest.

 The nurse is checking the pressure of miner who protested underground in the mine 1/3 Novogrodivska. 

Photo credit: Sadak Souici / Agence Le Pictorium 

The 43 workers of the mine 1/3 Novogrodivska have been protesting underground since 18 February.  Miners of “Kurakhivska’ hold a protest in shifts, so from 70 to 170 protesters are staying in the mine at the same time.

According to official data of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, the outstanding wage bill is UAH 250 million (US$ 9,2 million).

‘The problem of wage arrears only increases the socio-economic crisis and the danger of massive protests in the region near the war zone. On behalf of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine and the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine, I appealed to the Ombudsperson of Ukraine Ms. Ludmyla Denisova and the Head of the State Labour Service of Ukraine Mr. Roman Chernega regarding the critical situation at SE "Selidivugollya".  We demand to take immediate actions to solve the problem of the wages arrears and we pay attention to the health of miners protesting underground in dangerous conditions. I want to remind that yesterday the health of one of protesting miners of the 1/3 Novogrodivska deteriorated and he was taken up from the mine’ –claimed Mykhailo Volynets.

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