Donetsk region: Four female employees still on hunger strike against wage arrears Featured

In the Donetsk region, four female employees of the coal mine ‘Kurakhivska’ of the state-owned coal-mining enterprise ‘Selydivvugillya’ are still on the hunger strike. As for today afternoon, Natalia Mednikova, Kateryna Bogdan, Larisa Malik and Olena Sorokina are holding this protest. 


Natalia Mnednikova and Kateryna Bogdan have been holding a hunger strike since 2 January. They said that feel physical weakness, dizziness and they have problems with eyes. Maya Lewandowska who have been protesting for a few days stopped hunger strike because of health conditions. Doctors who inspect women protesters every day recommended her to immediately stop her protest.
"We appreciate the support from trade unions from other regions, and even from Belarus. And it's a shame that neither the Director General of SE " Selydivvugillya " nor the director of mine ‘Kurakhivska’ does not contact us even by the telephone. We often hear: "Stop this action, because it will not give anything. But we’re seeking justice".

Protesters assured that they are going to continue their hunger strike till their requirement to pay off all wages will be fulfilled. As for today employees of the non-industrial group of SOE ‘Selydivvugillya’ haven’t got wages for October, November and December, as well as the part wages for September. It should be noted that the majority of employees receive low wages that amount to 3200-3400 UAH.

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