The miners of the SE "Selidivvuhillya" protest over unpaid wages Featured

Today, the miners of the state enterprise "Selydivvuhillia" started the protest action against non-payment of wages. Also, workers have requested the authorities to take measures for changing the difficult situation of the state enterprise. Over the last month, miners of the SE "Selydivvuhillia" have held the different spontaneous protests, including refusals to work in the mines.


According to the Chairman of the Independent Trade Unions of Miners of Ukraine Mykhailo Volynets, the miners of the two mines "Ukraine" and "Kurakhivskya" of the SE "Selidivugollya" have spontaneously started to protest and blocked the strategic road in Selidiv (Donetsk region), that leads to Mariupol and Krasnogorovka.
“The total salary debt of the four mines of the SE "Selydivvuhillia" is almost 211 million UAH. Miners haven’t got the payment for work in May. I have the impression that this complicated situation was caused due to the behavior of the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Igor Nasayk, unofficial overseers in the coal industry and administration of the SE "Selydivvuhillia". Their actions have led to the difficult situation at the state mines and wage arrears’.

On June 6, the chairmen of the primary trade union organizations of the NPGU at mines "1/3 Novogrodivska", "Kotlyarevska", ‘Kurakhivskya’ and "Ukraine" of the SE "Selydivvuhillia" and the Deputy Chairwoman of the NPGU Natalya Levytska met with the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Igor Nasalyk. They discussed the problems of the mines of the SE "Selydivvuhillia". Unfortunately, the minister did not promise to provide any concrete actions to solve these problems.

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