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In Kryvyi Rih miners from the Public joint stock company Kryvyi Rih Irone-Ore Combine (KZRK), PJSC  ‘Evraz Sukha Balka’ and PJSC  ‘ArcelorMittal-Kriviy Rih’ are fighting for raising salaries. Nearly 300 miners of two mines of PJSC ‘Evraz Sukha Balka’ are protesting inside mine. The workers of PJSC  ‘ArcelorMittal-Kriviy Rih’ held a protest today morning. 


According to head of the Independent Trade Unions of Ukraine (NPGU) Mykhailo Volynets, a lot of protesters of two mines of ‘Evraz Sukha Balka’ were staying underground more than a day.

‘The miners of mines ‘Juvileyna’ and ‘Frunze’ of PJSC ‘Evraz Sukha Balka’ are protesting underground and demanding raising wage. Yesterday evening the representatives of administration came to miners and propose to raise wages only by 12% from 1 May.  But miners agree only with wage increasing by at least 20% from 1May and further a gradual increasing of 30% by August.  For now people stay at a depth of 1343 m without food. As I was informed, the administration doesn’t allow the delivery of food them’ – said Mykhailo Volynets.     

The Head of the Kryvyi Rih branch organization of the NPGU Yuri Samoilov informed, that today morning peaceful protestі were held for support of the miners JSC 'KZRK' and 'Evraz Sukha Balka'. At the same time the workers of the mine building unit of JSC 'Evraz Sukha Balka' showed their solidarity with the miners and blocked access roads to the enterprise.  

Workers and trade unions of PJSC 'ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih' at 8 am also held a peaceful protest near the enterprise building. It was attended by over a thousand employees. The protesters expressed their demands: to rise wages; to stop the dismissals of employees and transferring employees on an outsourcing; to renew the programs for provision of housing for employees etc. Also they expressed their support for miners JSC 'KZRK' and 'Evraz Sukha Balka'. Then the protesters went to the office of PJSC 'ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih'. Workers demanded meeting with enterprise’s management. If the management refuses to meet with the protesters, some of them are ready to start hunger strike.

As it was informed before, miners from four mines of the KZRK, protested underground and demanded to raise salariesю Today the negotiation between  representatives of workers and the KZRK management continues. 

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