Trade union demands justice for railways workers (UPDATED)
On 19th March members of the Free Trade Union of Railway workers of Ukraine (VPZU) picketed the central office of the PJSC "Ukrzaliznytsia" (Ukrainian railways). The VPZU demanded to raise wages, improve medical services, restore social and pension guarantees, and do not cut jobs. Also, trade... подробнее
This International Women’s Day, let’s call time on gender-based violence
Gender-based violence blights the lives of millions of women. It excludes women from the world of work and often stigmatises them within their communities.   подробнее
Miners of the PJSC "Krivyi Rih iron ore plant" protesting underground
On March 5 miners of the PJSC "Krivyi Rih iron ore plant" (KZRK) started a spontaneous underground protest. As for today morning, workers of two mines are still protesting.    подробнее
Miners protesting underground for four days in the Donetsk region
The miners of mines 1/3 Novogrodivska and Kurakhivska of State-Owned coal-mining Enterprise ‘Selydivvugillia’ are still protesting underground against the non-payment of wages. Today is the fourth day of their protest.  The nurse is checking the pressure of miner who protested underground... подробнее
192 miners of the SOE ‘Selydivvugillia’ protesting undergound
Today, 150 miners of the mine "Kurakhivska" of the State-Owned Coal-Mining Enterprise ‘Selydivvugillia’ (Donetsk region) started an underground protest. At the same time 42  their colleagues are protesting in the mine "1\3 Novogrodivska" since 18 February. The main demand of this... подробнее
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