KVPU applied to the international organizations on the draft Labor code of Ukraine
The Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine (KVPU) is deeply concerned about the possibility of adoption of new Labour Code of Ukraine (the draft law No. 1658).  KVPU sent the observations regarding the draft Labor code of Ukraine violating the international labor standards to... подробнее
Miners of two state enterprises are protesting the non-payment of salaries
This morning, labor collectives of mines of State Enterprise ‘Volynvuhillia’ have started a protest action at the international check-point ‘Yahodyn’. Before that, the miners of the mines "Buzhanska" and "Novovolinskaya" No. 9 were refusing to go down the mine for almost a week, demanding to pay... подробнее
Miners of the SE ‘Volynvyhillia’ started a strike
The action of the Ministry of Energy and the coal industry of Ukraine provoked a strike of the miners of the State Enterprise ‘Volynvyhillia’.   подробнее
Ukrainian miners demand salaries payment
Miners at the mine named after Kapustin and the mine ‘Novodruzhska’ of the PJSC "Lisichanskvuhillia" in the Luhansk region of Ukraine have refused to go down into the mines today morning.    подробнее
The miners of the mine named after G. Kapustin are staying underground and demanding salaries payment
According to the head of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine Mykhaylo Volynets, miners of the mine named after G. Kapustin of state enterprise PJSC "Lisichanskvugillya" stayed underground for two days. Other shifts didn’t go down into the mine. In such way the miners are... подробнее
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